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daily horoscope Today's tip for Snake :  Fri, Jan 30, 2015

At work, the best you can strive for is to maintain your own. The pace is too fast; however, you can be adept at handling others, which could include the fiery emotions brought out by the Horse. A friend may expose a personal embarrassment of yours. Try not to be too malicious if you seek vengeance because it could lead to further problems.

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Personality of Snake

The 'Snake' is sagacious, smart, restful and sensitive to those around him, but he can also often be indecisive and narcissistic. He can become mercenary if offended. 'Snake' people are also elegant to the point that some may find them pompous and showy. They can behave selfishly if threatened.

He is a critical analyst and specialises in philosophy and theology. He is gifted with an impenetrable wisdom. He is a graceful creature who enjoys the aesthetics in life.

Persons under this sign undertake decisions often without consultation from others. Communication with others is not their forte. He can be extremely religious or totally epicurean. He trusts his own instincts and is not easily influenced by others. People might find this habit unattractive but most of the time what they have decided are often correct.

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