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  • 2016 Fortune for Rabbit
  • 2016 Compatibility Fortune for Rabbit
  • 2016 Love Fortune for Rabbit
  • 2016 Career Fortune for Rabbit
  • 2016 Fortune Wealth for Rabbit
  • 2016 Fortune Health for Rabbit


daily horoscope Today's tip for Rabbit :  Fri, Aug 26, 2016

You may be facing something of a spiritual crisis at times right now, but take heart. The challenges you face in dealing with a new world view are preparing you for a much more rewarding understanding, a better connection with your spiritual source.

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Personality of Rabbit

The Rabbit personifies peace and longevity,​ and is said to be one of the most fortunate of the twelve horoscopes. You are are gifted with an innovative mind​, and are good at business​. You are gracious, kind and also enjoy the beauty and finer things in life.

2016 Wealth Fortune for Rabbit

Influential and respectable people who will take you under their wings. Your income stream will continue to flow abundantly. Be generous and to share your blessings along the way so that it will come back to you.

2016 Career Fortune for Rabbit

2016 will bring career advancement, recognition and wealth luck. You are empowered to transform negative situations into good tidings. This will beckon the arrival of influential and respectable people into your life.

2016 Love Fortune for Rabbit

Feelings run high and low in the romance department. Cast away anger and hatred in your heart and replace them with love, compassion and understanding. Learn to be tolerant and calm.

2016 Health Fortune for Rabbit

This year denotes poor health and wealth prospects. Do not allow yourself to feel stressed. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and invest your time in activities that allow your mind and body to recharge. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet and avoid over indulging in cigarettes and alcohol.

Ms. Adelina Pang / Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd.Credit: Ms. Adelina Pang / Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd.
Adelina Pang is the Principal Consultant and Founder of Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd. She is a qualified Fengshui consultant and professional trainer.

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