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daily horoscope Today's tip for Horse :  Tue, Jan 27, 2015

With a relatively slow day on the job, you may have the freedom to work on whatever project you choose. Be cautious before you make an investment today. There could be conflicts with your love partner, especially if your volatility and selfishness kicks in.

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2013 Love Fortune for Horse

Control your mood swings and learn to cherish your loved ones. Communicate tactfully to avoid disputes. Be tolerant as family disharmony is not good for your luck.

2013 Career Fortune for Horse

Opportunities are limitless for you to fulfil your dreams. It brings promotion and salary increment for you. Stay motivated and accomplish more at work as this will bring about favourable attention!

However, in 2014 you are said to be in conflict with The Grand Duke, Tai Sui. Be cautious of all matters. There can be some turbulence. Plan carefully to ward off obstacles. Stay strong and not let setbacks affect you. Be conservative and not invest in any high risk investments. Think far and don't carry negative thoughts. Failures can be put to good use. What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. To avoid trouble, keep a low profile and be humble. No worries, you will have noble people coming to help you.

2013 Wealth Fortune for Horse

This year brings you good wealth opportunities. Wealth luck is established and in full potential, resulting in an increase in the resources of income. Get a good fund manager to help you manage your funds. However, do not let greed overcome you.

2013 Health Fortune for Horse

Unlucky star indicates injuries and physical injuries by metal. Don't drive like a F1 driver. Cautious when driving. Possible health matters that may need surgery. Have a medical checkup, do blood donation. Or visit the dentist and have your teeth cleaned.

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Personality of Horse

People born under this sign are characterized as happy and have a positive outlook in life. These people are also very independent, well-liked, and bright. with an amazing ability to manage wealth. He is insightful and chatty and has an alluring personality. He may be fiery-tempered, impulsive and stubborn at times due to his capricious nature. He is highly unpredictable and is indecisive when it comes to relationships.

They are a very decent people but sometimes their stand on certain issues can make them very inflexible.

His swift and elegant body movements and quick speech make him stand out from a crowd. He possesses quick reflexes and can make decisions instantly. Being a non-conformist, he is able to compensate for his possible insecurity by being highly adaptable.

Mental and physical exercises are what stimulate horse people. Running, prancing, galloping not only their legs but also their brains make them quick on their toes. His swift and elegant body movements and quick speech make him stand out from a crowd. People born under the horse sign is very independent and does not like to be bound by any social restrictions.

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Adelina Pang is the Principal Consultant and Founder of Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd. She is a qualified Fengshui consultant and professional trainer.

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