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daily horoscope Today's tip for Dragon :  Wed, Jan 28, 2015

If you are in some type of entertainment occupation or business, you could be in the public eye today. You probably will not have any financial setbacks; but you also may not have any gains. Your health is good but you may have to worry about having an accident so be extra careful.

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2013 Love Fortune for Dragon

You may have some communication issues with women. Manage any relationship conflicts with love, patience and understanding. You feel neglected…lonesome.

2013 Career Fortune for Dragon

Benefactors will help you in your career advancement. This star neutralize calamities will help you pull through all difficulties at work. DON'T QUIT. Every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise. What your mind can conceive, you can achieve.

2013 Wealth Fortune for Dragon

The lucky stars may not be on your side this year so exercise caution in whatever you do, and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Humbleness and prudence will ensure a peaceful year.

2013 Health Fortune for Dragon

You are prone to accidents or injuries by sharp objects Avoid dangerous activities (e.g. bumpy jump, rock climbing, deep sea sports etc.) Caution on the road. Be a blood donor. This year brings health issues. Try to unwind and you should seek early treatment for any sickness. Avoid indulging in smoking and alcohol and engage in activities that bring rest to your mental and physical state.

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Personality of Dragon

Persons born under the sign of the 'Dragon' are very magical. They are sharp, instinctual and creative, although they may be easily offended, headstrong and hasty in making decisions. Displaying a shrewd personality coupled with a little bit of a sleight-of-hand skills, they can make things done in an instant. They can also be rather sophisticated and hard to get close to. The advantage of the 'Dragon' person lies not on their scales but because they are proud, perfectionist, rather materialistic and difficult to form a close bond with which others find very attractive.

Legend often ascribe to the dragon mystical abilities that are astounding, awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping.

Arguing or even attempting to contradict a dragon person will be met with futility. Their enchanting personality makes it hard to do so. He is not one to go against. He will intimidate the people who provoke him, and not give up until he finishes them. Also he possesses fiery emotions, he is insensitive and takes love and romance for granted. The Dragon is a forgiving person after he gets over his tantrums, and the reciprocity principle is expected by the dragon person.

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