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daily horoscope Today's tip for Dragon :  Tue, Dec 6, 2016

Your joy for living has increased because of a jolt of juicy energy in the love life zone. You will be highly passionate and energetic right now, much to the delight of your partner, the lucky creature. If you are single, get out into the crowd tonight. You will be powerfully attractive.

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Personality of Dragon

Persons born under the sign of the 'Dragon' are very magical. They are sharp, instinctual and creative, although they may be easily offended, headstrong and hasty in making decisions. Displaying a shrewd personality coupled with a little bit of a sleight-of-hand skills, they can make things done in an instant. They can also be rather sophisticated and hard to get close to. The advantage of the 'Dragon' person lies not on their scales but because they are proud, perfectionist, rather materialistic and difficult to form a close bond with which others find very attractive.

Legend often ascribe to the dragon mystical abilities that are astounding, awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping.

Arguing or even attempting to contradict a dragon person will be met with futility. Their enchanting personality makes it hard to do so. He is not one to go against. He will intimidate the people who provoke him, and not give up until he finishes them. Also he possesses fiery emotions, he is insensitive and takes love and romance for granted. The Dragon is a forgiving person after he gets over his tantrums, and the reciprocity principle is expected by the dragon person.

2016 Wealth Fortune for Dragon

Practise caution as chances of lawsuits cast against you are high. Read all fine print before you sign any documents.

2016 Career Fortune for Dragon

2016 assist greatly in your progress towards any ventures that are academic in nature. It is an excellent time for studies, literary pursuits and thinking skills.

2016 Love Fortune for Dragon

Keep track of your love life and be wary of illicit or extra-marital affairs. If you are in a committed relationship, trust in your partner to ensure that your love life runs smoothly.

2016 Health Fortune for Dragon

This year might influence you and compel you to negative emotions and succumb to dreadful feeling of emptiness. Consciously surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. Take good care of personal safety as you may find yourself being more accident -prone this year.

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